custom decals

A good decoration is amazing. Stands out, surprises and inspires. SDL shows you that, with a wide range of home-made transfers.

Printed image on paper
A transfer is an image printed on prepared paper by screen printing or digital print. The image is covered with a coating, after which you remove the silkscreen or digital print from the paper with water, apply it to an object made of glass or porcelain and burn it in. In addition to using transfers, we can also print directly, for example on tiles. Moreover, we use glazes for printing and printing for a high-quality end result. That makes our work extra special.

At home in transfers
SDL Transfers is a specialist in decorating and has everything in-house for this. We make and deliver your company tableware, tiles or art project. Or you only supply the transfers if you would like to make them yourself.

Silkscreen or digital print?
If you are concerned with one or more specific decorations such as photos, a digital print is a great option. Screen printing is often a better choice for larger series of line drawings, logos or precise colors.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We think along with you and are happy to advise you.
Both possibilities are fully fledged ceramic products.
Ask for it by email or call +31402070434. More information can also be found on our site: